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NetWeave interactive messaging services form the backbone of mission-critical, high-performance OLTP (online transaction processing) applications that must reach out across the enterprise. The services allow a client application to send a complex, interactive transaction to a remote application server and to receive an immediate response. Interactive messaging is highly efficient since a single transaction sent over the network can encompass a significant amount of database activity. However, as is always the case with OLTP, the application must be totally defined in advance.

Typically, the application program is split between a workstation client and a host server, although this model also applies to host-client/host-server and host-client/workstation-server architectures as well.

The client side of the application is generally responsible for presentation services, for the editing of incoming data from the user, and for the formatting of outgoing data to the user. The server side is responsible for the business logic governing database access and update. Examples of client/server architecture include a Google search, purchase confirmations from an online store, and customer resource management (CRM) applications.

Interactive messaging services are also available for peer-to-peer application communication, in which either application can act as the client or the server and in which both applications communicate as equals. Either application may send a message to the other with or without the requirement for a reply. An example of peer-to-peer architecture is a distributed database, where any server can request information from any other server.

As with all NWDS offerings, interactive messaging services can invoke the transaction-protection facilities of the server to ensure that either all database updates are made or that none are made in order to guarantee the integrity of the data base. Thus, if a transaction response is not received in a timely fashion, an operation is determined to have failed. The transaction is aborted, recovery action is commenced, and all updates are rolled back.

NetWeave’s transaction messaging services are invoked with a simple API that allows a client application or a server application to send a message and to receive a message. In addition, a server can register its availability to NetWeave; and client and servers may establish and disconnect sessions with each other.




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