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The successful implementation of distributed applications has been the NetWeave story for over two decades.  We specialize in getting the job done, and our reputation for service precedes us. 
Building enterprise-wide, mission-critical applications can present unique technical challenges beyond the scope of a company’s in-house personnel.  As a result, it has been NetWeave Integrated Solutions’ experience that many of our customers require additional assistance as they build new computing infrastructures.  Other customers who possess the internal capabilities but not enough staff may seek outside expertise to enhance middleware features or to migrate to new platforms. In some cases, NIS has been tasked with implementing computing capabilities that have nothing to do with middleware -- simply the expertise in developing real-time transactional systems in a variety of languages on a variety of platforms has enabled us to be effective on many types of projects.
In any of the above situations, NIS’ Professional Services team plays an important role. If requested, we will build a middleware environment tailored to a customer’s need.  We’re especially proficient at solving all sorts of interoperability problems.  In some cases, we have even been asked to implement entire applications or major modules.
Thus, NetWeave Integrated Solutions’ is not just a product provider.  We’re a solutions provider as well.  NIS offers both development services and project management services to deliver your new technology on time and within budget. We work not only with users of our NetWeave product but with non-NetWeave customers as well.

Technical Support & Training
We support all NetWeave versions, provided the hardware and operating systems are available and remain supported by the O/S and hardware vendors. >> more



Professional Services We Offer

NIS offers a wide range of professional services that cover the life cycle of your IT environment. They include:

  • Computing Architecture Review
  • Enterprise Consolidation
  • Functional Specification Preparation
  • Implementation and Integration Assistance
  • Middleware Strategies
  • Programming Services
  • Project Management
  • Proof-of-Concept Planning
  • Risk Assessment / Mitigation
  • Software Management Consulting
  • System Design
  • Turnkey Migrations / Upgrades
  • Web Integration

Professional Services—Some Examples

Architecture Reviews
NIS performed an architecture assessment and review for a leading CME (Continuing Medical Education) provider. As part of this service, we transported the system to a new, independent Windows 2003 Server machine. We then reviewed the site architecture, installation complexity, disaster-recovery risks, development tools, and database structure. A document detailing the strengths, weaknesses, and risks associated with the implementation were delivered to the customer as part of the project completion.

Project Management
A U.S. supplier of SCADA systems for transportation utilities contracted with NIS to develop several Java-based components for the user interface of a new train-tracking system.  In addition, our Professional Services team assumed project management responsibilities.  NIS was responsible for navigating QA testing, problem resolution, user training, and delivery of the system to the customer. 

Technology Bridge
NIS has provided invaluable bridges between existing and future architectures for several divisions of the Federal Government. The NIS-implemented components have served as customized interface converters between different technologies and architectures, including J2EE, SAP, WebMethods, IBM MQSeries, and IBM Websphere. With such interface converters in place, the government divisions have been able to maximize resources and more effectively manage their integration efforts over time.

Web Integration
A NetWeave customer wanted to implement a modern, web-based user interface to a back-end legacy system. NIS created a Java communications component containing an XML parser. The component translated XML messages produced by the web front end into the corresponding message format expected by the legacy communication system. Likewise, information produced by the legacy system was converted to an XML message format that was easily understood and displayed by the web front end. No modifications to the original system were incurred.

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