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Here at NetWeave Integrated Solutions, we pride ourselves on the rapid identification of issues and our effective incident closure rates. We support all NetWeave versions, provided the hardware and operating systems are available and remain supported by the O/S and hardware vendors. Every member of our support team has real-world experience. All have served as IT staff in medium-sized to large companies and as such have experienced the pressures accompanying product installations, deployments, migrations, and ongoing maintenance. When you contact NetWeave Support, we may be miles away and time zones apart; but our ability to comprehend what is happening from your end is what drives our efforts to quickly resolve your problem.

Support Hours
NetWeave Technical Support is available from Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time GMT-5 / Eastern Daylight Time GMT-4). We also offer a 24x7 priority support package. Customized options tailored to the needs of individual customers are provided upon request.

Contact NetWeave Support
The NIS support team can be reached via email, telephone, or our online incident tracking system.

+1 732.786.8830, ext. 140
NetWeave Support Site

Incident Tracking System
NetWeave’s online ticket system provides an efficient method for NIS staff to troubleshoot customer issues. Each incident that is registered progresses through the following stages of resolution:

  • Customer registers incident.

  • If necessary, additional information is collected by support team via email or phone contact.

  • Temporary workarounds are identified and implemented to mitigate short-term emergencies.

  • Problem is recreated and diagnosed.

  • Resolution is delivered. This may include required software patches or suggested changes to the customer code.

  • Upon resolution, case is closed.

Via our private, customer-specific downloads library, NetWeave users are able to access our latest software releases and product documentation.

NetWeave Training
NetWeave training sessions are tailored to satisfy the unique requirements of each customer installation. We offer a variety of training options that address different skill and job levels - developers, managers, system administrators, and system operators. Some NetWeave customers request minimal assistance. Others depend on NIS for implementation support from day-of-purchase through final deployment. Either way, a successful NetWeave training session has as its outcome the completion of a functional, operating prototype.

NetWeave education takes place onsite at your location. Not only does it save the time and expense of having employees travel away from the office, it allows staff to train on their own equipment in their own IT environments. From NIS’ perspective, we’re able to make spontaneous changes to a training session as we observe firsthand how our product will be used.

In addition to leaving you with detailed training materials, we encourage you to contact us when follow-up questions arise.



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