NetWeave Integrated Solutions (NIS) is a global provider of value-added enterprise integration tools. Our middleware products and services encompass broad platform experience and a variety of messaging and database solutions. For over twenty years and counting, we have enabled customers to seamlessly transition from yesterday’s systems to today’s more robust, flexible, and web-savvy technologies.

NIS is a privately held company with corporate offices in Freehold, New Jersey (USA), additional branches throughout the United States, and distributors who represent NIS worldwide. NetWeave, the product from which we derive our company name, was one of the very first middleware solutions to be introduced in the 1980s. With the rapid advances in computing technology, twenty years is not merely two decades. It’s an eon. As competitors have disappeared, NetWeave has remained a viable presence in the marketplace, in part because of its inherent reliability but also because the product’s original developers – still with NetWeave – have expanded its functionality to accommodate the changing needs of customers. Longevity counts. The majority of our original clients remain with us, happy to be supported by the same team who created the product years ago.

Our Integration Philosophy

NetWeave Integrated Solutions is not only a software provider but an integration specialist as well. We offer our customers the assistance required to implement a complete and cost-effective solution. Our integration strategy includes:

We hide the implementation details from the application in order to support future expansion.


We implement efficiently, and we make messaging fast.

We take advantage of the existing capabilities of the operating system and other third-party products. No need for duplication.

We offer both tools and services to aid our customers through the implementation process.


Like many products, NetWeave was born out of a customer request. In NetWeave’s case, the customer needed to integrate the applications located on two proprietary, incompatible systems - a Tandem (now HP NonStop) and a VAX (now HP OpenVMS). Out of that custom implementation came a solution that has been extended to support a wide variety of platforms and application-integration opportunities.

1988 The Sombers Group, Inc. (SGI)
Creators of NetWeave

1990 NetWeave Corporation
Formed by SGI to market NetWeave

1997 Vertex Industries, Inc.
Acquires NetWeave Corporation from SGI

2002 NetWeave Integrated Solutions, Inc. (NIS)
Acquires the product NetWeave from Vertex



Our Team

Ron Byer Jr.
Former President of the Sombers Group, Inc., and NetWeave Corporation as well as Vice President of the EAI Division with Vertex Interactive, Inc. (previously Vertex Industries). Now serving as President of NIS, Ron has been associated with NetWeave since 1995.

Dr. Ron Hopson
The original developer of the NetWeave product. Ron served as Vice President of Technology with NetWeave Corporation as well as Chief Technical Officer, EAI Division, Vertex Interactive, Inc., before assuming the role of Vice President of Technology for NIS.

Ron Byer
Former Chairman and CEO of Vertex Industries, Inc., Ron has been associated with NetWeave since Vertex licensed the rights to the NetWeave product in 1997. Ron serves as CFO of NIS.

Mike Ser
An NIS senior developer, Mike joined the NetWeave product team in 1999. Previously involved with Legent Corporation’s XCOM middleware, he now oversees NIS’ Java and web-service strategies as well as the company’s UNIX and HP Nonstop development activities.

Peter Hedrick
Peter joined the NetWeave product team in 2000 as a senior staff consultant for testing and validation. Formerly, Peter was a computer system programmer with the U.S. Navy. His responsibilities included capacity planning, system sizing, security, acceptance testing, data communication, communication program development, and support.

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