NetWeave Distributed Services Suite

NetWeave Distributed Services (NWDS) offers a rich set of interoperability solutions. Our powerful, proven messaging middleware supplies software developers with the tools needed to create secure, reliable, distributed applications that seamlessly link otherwise disconnected business processes.

Our services are based on a simple, easy-to-use API whose function calls provide the power and flexibility for production-strength conditions. Services can be used either synchronously or asynchronously. They readily can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, and they support a variety of programming interfaces suitable for both legacy and web-oriented applications.

NWDS components are available as dynamic and/or static libraries and also as independent agent processes. Supported operating systems include Linux, MS/Windows, HP NonStop, HP OpenVMS, IBM z/OS CICS, IBM iSeries, HP-UX, IBM/AIX, and Oracle/Solaris.


Take the time now to check out NetWeave Integrated Solutions’ wide range of distributed computing services. You’ll be pleased to discover how our seriously superior application performance will maximize delivery of your enterprise objectives.




Secure, Reliable File Transfer

NetWeave’s RFT provides seamless file transfer between disparate proprietary databases. It converts formats as it goes and checkpoints its progress. Use of sophisticated data-compression techniques ensures maximum efficiency of data transfer. >>more

NetWeave for the Web
Web enablement is a NetWeave specialty. We web-enable mission-critical legacy applications by using best-of-breed integration solutions. Two Java interfaces plus a. NET interface are available. >>more

Secure Communications
Netweave’s Secure Pipe Technology (NSP) provides a complete solution for customers and integrators who wish to create a protected, private network across otherwise hostile public-network terrain. >>more

Interprocess Communication
NetWeave Distributed Services offers two classes of interprocess communication (IPC) for use with server-based applications in distributed architectures. Both models are scalable, extremely reliable, and capable of implementing high-volume, highly interactive applications. Since IPC methods possess different strengths and limitations, it is not unusual for customers of NetWeave Integrated Solutions to take advantage of both NetWeave-supported IPC interfaces. Optional SSL encryption services are also available.

  • Interactive (Transactional) Messaging
    This is highly efficient and allows client applications to send complex, interactive transactions to remote servers and to receive an immediate response. Interactive messaging also provides peer-to-peer communication, in which applications can act as either the client or the server and can communicate as equals. In both instances, client/server or peer-to-peer, messages are delivered in order, delivered only once, and are successfully retrieved from their destination queue. If any errors occur, the entire transaction is cancelled. >>more
  • Queued Messaging (Workflow)
    On the other hand, Queued messaging does not require applications to directly interact. All that is necessary is a reliable guarantee that messages sent are ultimately delivered even in the face of a network or server failure. Workflow applications, business-related processes that demand a robust, means of carrying out their functions, depend on queues to store messages until they can be safely received. A simple workflow application might involve building a list of print jobs that are batched and then processed overnight. >>more

API/Ancillary Services
Several important sets of ancillary services are provided by NWDS. They include transaction services, used by a client application to bound a series of updates to a remote data base, and dual channel services that allow two systems to be connected by independent communication channels. >>more

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